What They’re Saying About Madison: Elected Officials, Civic Technologists, and Community Leaders like you

What They’re Saying about Governing Better, Together with Madison

With the release of Madison version 3.0, it just got a whole lot easier for you, your legislature, and your community to go from 0–today’s painful paper-based policymaking–to governing better, together with this proven, 100% free, smarter approach to making laws, legislation, rules and regulations.


VIDEO: See What Madison 3.0 Looks Like

So what do members of the Madison governing community have to say?

From Chicago…

  • “Madison is a technology platform that lets residents dive into a proposed policy’s language and make specific suggestions… It also compliments other important modes of civic engagement and feedback collection like public meetings and traditional comment processes. Using Madison to collect public input on the Array of Things governance and private policy aligns with Smart Chicago’s dedication to civic engagement with and through technology.” -Kyla Williams, Interim Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, June 13th, 2016

…To The Obama Administration…

  • “One of the most unique aspects of the engagement is that the playbook was built using the same inclusive principles that it champions. In developing this new resource, the team opened three comment periods for anyone to participate. Using the Madison platform, hosted by the OpenGov Foundation, more than 100 contributions were reviewed in the first week alone…stakeholders from inside our government are encouraged to continually offer new insights–including new plays, the latest case studies, or the most current performance metrics–to the playbook.” – The White House Blog, February 3rd, 2015

…To Wichita, KS…

  • “The process of creating an Open Data Policy within Madison has gone very well. [It captured] many comments, edits, and annotations about what people wanted to see in the policy and what areas they felt were important.” -Michael Mayta, Chief Information Officer for the City of Wichita, April 13th, 2016

…to the Netherlands…

… to Montgomery County, MD…

  • “Madison is another step forward in the County’s pursuit of greater transparency, accountability, and effectiveness.  Madison makes it easier for residents to interact directly with policymakers and other stakeholders on issues they care about. I am excited to be working closing with The OpenGov Foundation to bring the legislative process even closer to the public…Madison has the potential to increase public engagement in the Council’s work and importantly, bring new people into the process.” – Hans Rimer, Montgomery County Councilmember, June 17th, 2015

… To Washington, DC.

  • “As we encourage more public engagement in the legislative process, I hope D.C. residents will take a moment to log onto the Madison project… I look forward to seeing the public input on my proposed bills.” -David Grosso, DC Councilmember At-Large, May 16th, 2014

Now, with the release of Madison version 3.0, you can upgrade how your community’s laws, policies, and regulations are made in as little as 30 minutes. The OpenGov Foundation team is here to help get you on the path to governing better, together, with Madison. Email usTweet us @FoundOpenGov, or call +1-760-659-0631 to get started today!


Madison 3.0, and all of the work of The OpenGov Foundation, is generously supported by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Shuttleworth Foundation, the Rita Allen Foundation, the Consumer Technology Association, and the amazing men and women with whom The OpenGov Foundation partners in communities, governments and civil society organizations across America.

Madison 3.0 would not be possible without seriously talented people who deserve our thanks: The OpenGov Foundation’s world-class developers and designers, past and present.  On the development side: Seth Etter, Tanner Doshier, Bill Hunt, Chris Birk, Ross Tsiomenko, Sean Keefer, inSourceCode, and all the open source contributors listed here.  On the design side: John Athayde, Scout Addis, and Bryan Connor.  On the operations and engagement side: Meag Doherty, Aaron Bartnick, Nicko Margolies, Leili Slutz, and Mary Kate Mezzetti.  All rockstars. All civic innovators.  All amazing people who made Madison 3.0 possible.