RELEASE: Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej Join the Free Law Founders

June 2, 2016

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Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej Join the Free Law Founders

Global Civic Tech Leaders Join the Coalition to Transform U.S. Lawmaking and Legal Data.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 2, 2016)The Free Law Founders (FLF) coalition is proud to announce that Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej are joining the group of citizens, technologists and public officials bringing America’s legal, legislative and budget information in the Internet Age.

Micah Sifry
Micah Sifry

“The more officials we elect who are digitally savvy, the sooner we will arrive at a 21st century democracy,” said Micah Sifry, co-founder of the Personal Democracy Forum and Civic Hall. Micah is an author and editor of eight books and a Senior Adviser to the Sunlight Foundation. He also serves on the board of Consumer Reports and the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.

“The more elected officials who understand the difference between a server and a waiter the better,” said Andrew Rasiej, co-founder of the Personal Democracy Forum and Civic Hall. Andrew is a civic and social entrepreneur and a Senior Adviser to the Sunlight Foundation. He also is the Chairman of the NY Tech Meetup and the Founder of, a national nonprofit which focuses on 21st century public education.

Andrew Rasiej
Andrew Rasiej

“Thank you to Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej for leadership in using of technology to improve governance and convening thought leaders and makers for years,” said Ben Kallos, New York City Council Member and a founding member of the Free Law Founders. “The Free Law Founders look forward to their membership bringing the same focus to implementing the changes we seek at all levels of government throughout our great nation.”

“Since first meeting Andrew and Micah as a wide-eyed Congressional staffer in 2009, they have consistently amazed me as mentors, creative community-builders and unmatched conveners within the blossoming world of civic innovation,” said Seamus Kraft, Executive Director of The OpenGov Foundation. “Just like there’s no place like PDF, there is no place like Civic Hall for those inside and outside of government seeking to govern more effectively, collaboratively and inclusively. I look forward to raising a glass to welcome them to the Free Law Founders next week at PDF 2016.”

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“Micah and Andrew are the most logical, natural additions to the Free Law Founders,” said Jonathan Askin, Brooklyn Law School Professor and member of the Free Law Founders. “Through their various initiatives — including Personal Democracy Media, TechPresident, Civic Hall and the countless other civic tech projects they’ve influenced — they are two of the most recognized, trusted and valued thought-leaders, advocates and deployers of civic technology and other innovative tools designed to promote liberty, democracy, pluralism, government transparency, civic participation and inclusion. Andrew and Micah have been second to none in building community at the local, state, federal and global levels to foster better understanding of the history and future trajectories of civics in the digital age.”

The Free Law Founders is a nationwide effort of people seeking to improve how we access, produce and maintain the most important public information in America — our laws, legislation and legal codes. With over 20 members in cities across the country, the Free Law Founders is one of the leading open legislative data advocacy groups in the United States.