Madison in the News

“…Take note that Project Madison is off to an attractive start, with 157,000 unique visitors the first day, dozens of very specific suggestions, a growing Twitter following and praise from popular tech blogs.” – FastCompany

“If you’d asked us two months ago how popular we thought an interactive government site would be during the legislative process, we might’ve guessed a few thousand would tune in to Project Madison’s streaming video of the event and a few hundred might leave some comments. We would also be very wrong. Issa’s office said in a press release over the weekend that the site saw nearly 200,000 unique visitors during the marathon 12-hour-long Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) markup session on December 15 alone.” – The Atlantic

“…It definitely represents is a new way of thinking about the legislative process – a Wiki-ed out, crowdsourced, digitized version of bill writing.” – CNN’s What’s Next Blog

“After 48 hours of serious coding work that seemed more suited for Stanford’s campus, a group of staffers, bleary-eyed and tired, approached their boss with a new creation. Dubbed “Madison,” they were set to launch a new technological solution that would allow for the drafting of Internet crowd-sourced legislation. This was not typical D.C. at work.” – The Huffington Post

“…Open government proponents say the site may be a forerunner of things to come: Giving ordinary citizens a direct line to the legislative process, much like special-interest groups have long had at their disposal.” – Good Magazine