Join the Movement

We’re developing tools and delivering data to solve real problems facing citizens, communities, and governments that need our help.  Especially from developers like you.

Why would a talented developer like yourself want to get involved?  It’s simple.  You can make a difference in your community and communities across the country today.  We’re building applications and deploying tools that will be used immediately, by many people, to make our governments more efficient, effective, and accountable.  The best part?  We’ll make sure your work gets seen and used.

Sound like something you can agree with?  Send us an email or start committing to pitch in.  Here’s what we’re working on right now.


Decoding Cities and States:

We’re currently using the The StateDecoded to open up city and state laws to the public.  If you’re an XML/PHP expert, this one might be for you.  You can browse the installation instructions for The State Decoded.


The Madison Project:

The Madison Project is helping every citizen truly participate in their government.  Can you imagine if every bill or law were editable and comment-able by the public?  Madison is working to make that a reality.  You can take a look at the original project code or help build Madison 2.0.