Chicagoans Governing Together, Powered By Madison

The logo of the Array of Things project.

When government laws reflects the views of the people, democracy works. The same holds true for all government policies with the force of law, from regulations to the privacy policies for public initiatives.

That is why we are excited to help Chicagoans have a direct voice in the Governance and Privacy Policy for Array of Things, the city’s urban sensing project, powered by our Madison policymaking platform.

Led by Smart Chicago Collaborative, this important civic engagement effort is a look at how democracies everywhere should create all their policies, laws and legislation. While “Array of Things” has been underway for some time, residents can start contributing to the effort’s governing documents with Madison today. It is an advance look at how democracies should make all policy in the Internet Age, and a preview of the Chicago City Council we are building in partnership with City Clerk Susana Mendoza.

Click here to contribute your voice, ask questions and propose improvements to Chicago’s “Array of Things” Governance and Privacy Policy 

We’re very proud they decided to use Madison to collect this important community feedback and look forward to how people read, comment and improve the policy. Madison is the platform to help any community govern, together.

“Madison is a technology platform that lets residents dive into a proposed policy’s language and make specific suggestions,” said Kyla Williams, the Interim Executive Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative. “It also compliments other important modes of civic engagement and feedback collection like public meetings and traditional comment processes. Using Madison to collect public input on the Array of Things governance and privacy policy aligns with Smart Chicago’s dedication to civic engagement with and through technology.”

“The Smart Chicago team continues to raise the bar for inclusive civic engagement, while lowering the barriers that exist between residents and their community,” said Seamus Kraft, Executive Director of The OpenGov Foundation. “Chicagoans and all Americans can’t expect to get the government policies they want until they give their government better ideas. That’s what democracy means. And that’s exactly why we are thrilled Madison will help as many residents as possible have a seat at the table as writing the rules for Chicago’s ‘Array of Things.’”

As part of the community outreach, Smart Chicago is hosting two public meetings in June. The first will be at the Lozano Library on Tuesday, June 14th from 5pm to 7pm. The second will be at the Harold Washington Library on Wednesday, June 22nd from 5:30pm to 7pm. The OpenGov Foundation team will join the June 22nd public meeting. Learn more about Smart Chicago’s goals and model for civic engagement on the Array of Things project.

Have questions about how your community can start governing together with Madison like Chicago? Get in touch by email or find us on Twitter. If you have questions about “Array of Things,” contact Smart Chicago Collaborative or visit the initiative’s website.