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Civic Engagement Snapshots— On Trump Budget, Massachusetts Engages Directly with Congressman Seth Moulton

When President Donald Trump published his first federal budget proposal last week, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) knew the people he represents would have a lot to say.


Click Snapshots in this post to read in Madison and join the conversation with Rep. Moulton

As their voice in the United States House of Representatives, it is Rep. Moulton’s job to listen to and engage directly with those who live and work in Massachusetts’ Sixth Congressional District.  But time and staff are tight, and there are more than 700,000 individuals whose views Moulton must represent.  


So what did Rep. Moulton do to? He posted the Trump Budget online here in Madison so that his constituents could share their personal stories, ask questions and propose their own ideas.  


Many of those engaging with Rep. Moulton are very worried about the impact of President Trump’s budget proposal on their lives, their access to healthcare, their jobs.



One mother shared how important publicly-funded television and arts programs were to raising her children, among other targeted concerns with the Trump budget.


Since March 16, more than 110 constituents have weighed in and joined the critical conversation with their man in Washington, D.C.  Shouldn’t all federal government policies that impact you, your family or your livelihood be open for your input like this?  That’s our goal here at The OpenGov Foundation.  Rep. Moulton has it right: this is what governing better— together— with Madison looks like.


Have something to say about the Trump Budget?  Join the conversation with Congressman Seth Moulton in Madison!