Yesterday’s Document Technology, Tomorrow!

Washington, DC – The OpenGov Foundation today announced the beta release of, a new website to help citizens transform open text documents into government-ready PDF files.  Simply upload a machine-readable file to Govify, enter your email address and, moments later, a fuzzy and off-kilter PDF is delivered straight to your inbox for downloading, printing and more.

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“The truth is, opening government data and government itself is very hard,” said OpenGov Foundation Executive Director Seamus Kraft.  “To make it easier on old-fashioned government and its folkways, we built you  More paper cuts and fewer trees.  That’s our motto.”


One of the biggest barriers preventing governments from embracing Open Data is their inability to produce documents in a government-ready, paper-based format.  Like a PDF.  Or a book.  But the closed-format documents Govify churns out can be easily used for any government purpose – even printed, re-scanned and printed again to attain that extra special level of efficient government bureaucracy.


To further the global advancement of government-ready PDFs, the OpenGov Foundation also released the Govify open source code on Github.


Example Govify-ed documents:


How Govify Works

1. Image Conversion

First, Govify reads in the source text you upload, and converts it into an image.

2. Noise Generation

Next Govify adds a suitable amount of noise, to give you that authentic scanned-in-the-1990s look.


3. Rotation, PDF Export

Last, Govify rotates the image – just like first-day interns do it – and sends a PDF straight to your email inbox.