June 11, 2012

It started with two age-old questions.

First, what if government documents were opened to everyone for discussion, collaboration and improvement? And second, what if elected officials listened to and learned from that public collaboration, treating all users equally? Our answer is Madison.  

Madison is a free online document-editing platform that lets you comment, ask questions about, and suggest changes directly to legislation as it’s being written.

Meet Madison 


With Madison you can watch your government at work in real time, and help create effective policy. And elected officials can use Madison to find out what their constituents really think, and tap into community knowledge to create legislation that works for everyone.


Find the Right Madison for You

Madison has gone live in three locations. Find the one for your policymaking needs:

  • MadisonDC: Your center for legislation in the District of Columbia
  • myMadison.io: Pressing policy from around the country

We’ve also put up an additional instance of Madison for the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union here. More information on that initiative here.


How Madison Works

It takes just a few steps to start legislating with Madison:

  • Choose the right Madison.
  • Create an account and log in.
  • Find bills you care about.
  • Get started! Add comments, ask questions, and suggest changes directly to legislation.

You can also support or oppose documents and engage with other users’ ideas.


Bring Madison to a Government Near You

Contact us at sayhello@opengovfoundation.org to find out how you can bring Madison to your local government.


Get Involved

Help grow the Madison community! Madison is open source, free for citizen and government users alike. We need the support of active citizens and visionary leaders like you to keep it that way.


Learn More

Learn more about how Madison works here, or send us an email at sayhello@opengovfoundation.org.


What People Are Saying


DC Councilmember Tommy Wells, June 23, 2014

“I’m excited to work with The OpenGov Foundation to provide an innovative, transparent way for DC residents to get involved with their government. Many people don’t have the ability to take off work in order to testify about proposed legislation in the District. Madison DC will ensure that all residents have an equal opportunity to play a role in how Council’s legislative process.”


DC Councilmember David Grosso, June 11, 2014

“MadisonDC is an exciting platform because it promotes and encourages transparency in the legislative process. This tool will spur community engagement and prompt robust dialogue around the issues that matter most to District residents.”

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